We call ourselves the “Serendip Guardians” because we believe it is destiny that has brought us into this profession in the first place and so is our coming together to start this initiative; we believe it is serendipity and want to bring the same to people under our care. Initiated by two young ladies Rini Ghose and Sunny Kikon; we share the interest in working and bringing a change in our own society.

During the course of our study the more we learnt about the issue, we could relate to incidents in our lives which might have been different had we known about it. Looking back to where we come from and questioning ourselves at each step; mental health issue we felt was the very few who were on the streets but no, it was all around and no one was ever aware of that fact. This was something serious and something had to be done about it. We are moved with a feeling that we should use our learning and experiences for the people in our own community and make help and services accessible to our people too.

Serendip Guardians thus, was started on 10th October 2013, and is now a registered body working with a key focus on “Mental Health”. It is currently based in Dimapur, Nagaland keeping the focus on preventive and promotive mental health especially among the youth.